Thursday, June 15, 2006

Some updates

Since I logged into Blogger to post a little comment today, I thought I might as well pop in to update... and what do you know... the last time I post anything in this blog was way back in Feb!! Where did the 4 months go???

I've been really tied up these few months, or should I say since this year. This year just seems not a good year for me so far, but I'm trying to focus on counting my blessings and be optimistic. Come to think of it, those 'unhappy stuff' were really no big deal and I mustn't let myself be discouraged. I have better things to do, like catching up on my scrapbooking, spending more quality time with my family, my CT assignments too...

Talking about CT, I've not been fulfilling my CT obligations diligently :(
Now the designers I've worked/ am working with are all wonderful ladies so I must not let them down...

I've been asked a few times before what are/ were the CTs I belonged to, so I'll list it here in order of the date I joined:
1) POE Nov ’04 ~ Mar ‘05
(Tanya has closed POE and so we left)

2) Lyndsay Riches Nov ’04 ~
(Love your designs, Lyndsay. Hope to see you designing again soon. Take care!)

3) RAKScraps Feb ’05 ~
(I'm always late in submitting my stuff, pls excuse me)

4) HuniBuni Mar ’05 ~ Feb ‘06
(I'm so sorry Dawn, I've been one bad bad bad CT in not requesting for any kits... You're a great designer, here's wishing all the best for you!)

5) Trish Jones Mar ’05 ~ Feb ‘06
(Pls excuse me Trish, I'm sorry I hadn't been requesting for kits. But I want you to know you're a wonderful gal and I had great times chatting with you!)

6) AmyJo Smith Mar ’05 ~
(I know I've not been requesting for anything... ;) )

7) Mindy Terasawa Feb ’06 ~
(She's a wonderful girl and such a talented designer. Trusts her CT and everything, thank you so much!)

I'm still on some of the CTs because otherwise I won't even have the motivation to scrap anything. My target earlier this year was 12 LOs per month! I average out about less than 6 LOs per month so far and if without any CT obligations, it could have been zero LO :(
I'm actually those kind of people who need deadlines and challenges to get things done (^o^)> heh heh...