Saturday, May 24, 2008

7 Facts about myself :)

I've been tagged by Bunchie, and about time too, my poor neglected little blog :P

Here's the rules.
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7 random/ weird facts about me... (hope some are considered weird enough LOL)
1. I work from home, and every time someone who learned of this for the first time thinks I'm (1) self-employed {I'm not} and (2) an accountant (again I'm not)
2. I only eat canned peaches and I LOVE them, but I don't like peach flavoured food/ drinks.
3. I took way too many photos of my kids. Just today, I took more than 10 shots of my youngest with her slice of pizza, all in the same pose!
4. I am 1.68m, not very tall, but is the tallest among all my girl friends and relatives.
5. I was an 'avid' nail biter but since college, I only chew on my nails when I'm thinking hard, and I immediately trim the uneven parts off after that.
6. I used to have as many as 23 Blythe dolls (Neos, replica by Takara) back in my hey day. I didn't really plan to 'collect' them, but they somehow accumulated and since 2006 most of them have been 'adopted'.
7. I have started paper scrapbooking again last month, mainly to clear up my scrapbook stash and printed photos. I have sb papers older than my eldest who's coming to 9 years old and they are not even yellowed! I guess that's why scrapping acid & lignin free is very important lol!
BTW, most of the brads with the painted tops bought few years ago have rusted at the prongs, and aluminum eyelets are the best, I've discovered.

Now comes the hardest part... I don't know who to tag (GASP!) So I'm breaking the rules by saying if you happened to drop by my blog and read this post and would like to be tagged, please leave a comment and let me tag you ;) Thanks!


  1. Had to come see how you are and wierd facts about would like to say I've been tagged twice so you will have to find someone else but it was nice to learn more about you!

  2. I've already been tagged (twice), but it's good getting to know a bit more about you.